If you experience any problems running rightdir for the first time it is usually a simply and easy to fix problem. Here you can find some common problems and solutions.

Is rightdir installed for your domain?

To check if rightdir is installed for you domain you can navigate to rightdir marketplace listing and see if it looks like this:

If page looks like this - that means rightdir is already installed for your domain.

Is rightdir enabled for all users?

To check if rightdir is enabled for all users you can go into Google Admin Console → Apps → Domain Install Google Workspace Apps and see if it application is ON for everyone:

You can click on app in table. It should be "Enabled for all organizational units" and "Data Access" should be Status: Granted

Is super admin logged into rightdir at least once?

Any super admin must log in into rightdir at least once to allow other users from domain to use rightdir.

To access rightdir you can type app.therightdir.com in your browser bar or use waffle button (called also Google Apps button), navigate to 3rd party apps section and click on rightdir icon - this will open rightdir in new window/tab.

Any other problem?

Please contact us at [email protected].